The overall emphasis of Professor Christopher Depcik’s research and teaching efforts is a sustainable approach to energy and the transportation infrastructure. This includes a Feedstock to Tailpipe analysis of fuel production and its resultant combustion and exhaust emissions through the investigation of conventional and alternative combustion regimes utilizing multiple feedstocks (e.g., algal biomass, waste oils, petroleum) and different fuels (e.g., biodiesel & glycerin). Moreover, this incorporates the development of predictive models for combustion and catalytic exhaust aftertreatment devices in order to reduce hazardous emissions emanating from different engines. In addition, novel systems are in development in order to recover the medium grade heat in this exhaust stream for further efficiency improvements. These efforts are part of a broader interdisciplinary approach at understanding the flow of energy and fuel as it relates to transportation. Current projects, such as the conversion of glycerin to a hydrogen rich syngas for power production, are investigating the complete system in order to increase overall efficiency. This work involves multiple disciplines in order to achieve a better understanding of inputs and outputs to minimize losses and emissions while maximizing the energy production pathway.

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Christopher Depcik
Graduate Director and Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Courtesy Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering
University of Kansas, 3144C Learned Hall, 1530 W. 15th Street, Lawrence, KS 66045-4709
depcik at ku dot edu
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